Karaoke and Cocoa

What better way to spend a snowy evening than with friends, hot cocoa, and maybe even a little karaoke? 

Halloween Party

A sophisticatedly spooky event!  Halloween is not just for kids.  We grown ups enjoy a good costume party too!  Maybe consider a masquerade. 

 ​Prici​ng is based on whether you need a planner or a coordinator.  On average, a party costs $20-$30 a head.  It is good to keep that in mind when deciding on the number of guests you plan to invite in regards to your budget.  You will have unlimited phone calls and email access with me when hired as your planner or coordinator.  I am happy to answer questions and share ideas on how to make a party work within the budget that you choose!

​Children's parties and large scale soirees have different requirements from a planner or coordinator.  Book a free consultation to discuss the pricing customized for your needs.


Beer and Cheese Pairing

A fun twist on the wine and cheese pairing events.  Casual and classy, it's an annual event that is a real crowd pleaser.

Located in the foothills of Denver, CO, our vision is to provide services that allow you to host and enjoy fun and memorable events with out worry or hassle. 

​From intimate house parties to large affairs, we take on each with the same attention to detail and heart as the other.

​We are honored to be a part of the special celebrations in your life.

Past Shindigs

Who We Are

Planner vs Coordinator

The decision of whether to use a planner or a coordinator would best be discussed at your free consultation as are the specific pricing for these services.

​Your planner will guide you in invitation choices, menu planning, theme, and decorating decisions as well as where to purchase or rent what you need for a successful event.  If needed, your planner can come to the party venue for flow arrangement.  In general, the cost of a planner is $75-200, depending on what amount of help you will be needing and the type of affair you are hosting.

​Your coordinator does all that a planner does as well as provides on site assistance during your event.  As your coordinator, I arrive early to decorate, meet with vendors, stay to keep activities on schedule and to clean up after your guests have left.  The cost of a coordinator starts with the planner fee and is an additional 15% of your party budget with a minimum that is dependent upon the type of event you are hosting.


Christmas Party

A party is a wonderful way to wish everyone a Happy Holiday all at once.  We have also hosted Festivus and New Years celebrations as well!  Have fun with it!